Legal Formation

Incorporated in 2018 as an approved Micro-Credit Services entity. Member, Micro-credit Association of Ghana. Tier 4, Bank of Ghana regulated Non-Bank Financial Institution (NBFI)


To become Ghana’s leading mobile and online microlending organization utilizing advances in modern technologies with secured mobile and online security protections for the benefit of making money instantly available to customers as well as for instant repayment by customers upon approval.


We offer a wide range of personal loans to working individuals to help overcome anxieties before payday, and business loans to help grow micro/mini enterprises in order create wealth for the future, first in our neighborhood and communities, and later throughout Ghana.

Value Position

Luck & Chances Micro-Credit Services exists to offer personal loans on Cash Advance/payday for workers whose income might not be enough to meet their monthly expenditure or need a quick loan to fix a pressing need. Additionally, we offer small business loans to micro/mini business enterprises whose revenue might not be enough for a working capital or for a project without going through rigors they are likely to be subjected to by their banks or other financial institutions.

Loans and Mobile Money Services

  1. Payday Loan
  2. Micro Business Loan
  3. Mobile Money Transfer
  4. Lease-to-Purchase or Rent-to-Buy