Loan and Money Services

  1. Payday Loan
  2. Micro Business Loan
  3. Mobile Money Transfer
  4. Lease-to-Purchase

Payday Loans

Payday or Cash Advance Loan is a cash advance which is short-term and high-interest loan regardless whether the payment is linked to the borrower’s Cash Advance. The Payday Loans assist consumers with:

  • Temporary cash needs
  • Financial emergencies
  • Short term borrowing needs

The Pay Day Loans are to be paid off in one-time balloon payment advanced to working individuals, and the amount is under GHs300 for first time applicants and GHS500 for repeated clients with good repayment record.

For working individuals, the loan is to be paid on the pay day. The target customers for the payday loans include educational workers such as teachers of nursery, primary and junior secondary schools; and health workers including nurses and lab technicians.

To apply for payday loan, please complete the contact form, and download the online Application Form, select payday loan and email the completed form.

Micro Business Loan

The micro business loan/ line of credit is traditional secured or unsecured daily installment business loans under GHS300 advanced to micro/mini enterprises. The target customers include but not limited micro traders, hairdressers, barbers, convenient shops, kenkey makers, fishmongers, and drivers.

To apply for micro loan, please complete the contact form, and download the online Application Form, select micro loan and email the completed form.

Mobile Money Transfer

We offer traditional mobile money services for various networks including MTN, Tigo, and Vodafone. These mobile money services include the following:

  • Mobile money transfer
  • Creating mobile money wallet
  • Depositing money into mobile money wallet
  • Receiving mobile money/Cashing out money from mobile money transfer

Lease-to-Purchase or Rent-to-Buy – Coming Soon

A lease-purchase or rent to buy or rent to own is a lease of consumer products such as mobile phones and phone chargers or micro/mini business assets such as hair dryer, cookers, refrigerators accompanied by a purchase agreement committing both the customer-buyer and the property owner-seller to conclude the transaction.

At the end or conclusion of the lease, the customer-buyer would be obligated to buy and the owner-seller would be obligated to sell. This is a bilateral agreement, it requires action by both parties, the owner to sell and the customer-buyer to buy.